Petroleum Istanbul


Record Visitors Over Record Participation / 2017

The largest energy fair of Europe and Asia, PETROLEUM ISTANBUL 2017 and GAS & POWER NETWORK 2017 Exhibitions, which are held every 2 years, are completed with great success.

EMRA, Energy Market Regulatory Authority, the independent regulatory institution of Turkey’s energy sector, honored the Exhibitions with a delegation of 60 people, including the EMRA Chairman Mustafa Yılmaz, Second Chairman Ümit Kayrak, Board Members Zekeriya Gökşenli, Ahmet Çağrı Çiçek, İbrahim Tan and Vice Chairman Hamdi Bildirici.

The Exhibitions, where over 250 companies participated with approximately 800 brands, brought together all segments of the energy sector and painted a big family portrait, while rising the spirits with its extreme organizational success.

Petroleum Istanbul 2017 and Gas & Power Network 2017 Exhibitions remained open for 4 days and were visited by 29,650 visitors, of which 4,151 are foreign. In addition to these visitors who registered and entered the exhibition area through the turnstile entrance, together with the VIP visitors, delegations and exhibitor representatives, the total number of visitors exceeded 35,000. Foreign visitors from 39 countries, from Ethiopia to Germany, Taiwan to Canada, added more spice to the Exhibitions.

Giant national and international brands presented their products and services to the appreciation of consumers and their customers and established fundamental business connections.